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At St. Charles Fence & Deck Company, we are dedicated to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces. With years of experience in crafting and installing high-quality fences and decks, we are the trusted choice for residential and commercial clients across St. Charles, St. Peters, Howell, Maryland Heights, and neighboring areas. Reach out to our experts today at 636-202-0009.

Our commitment goes beyond just building; we aim to transform your vision into reality. Whether you are looking to create a serene private backyard retreat, a secure and stylish perimeter for your property, or a welcoming outdoor entertainment area, we bring the same level of dedication and attention to detail to every project.

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We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, using only the finest materials to ensure that each fence and deck is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and sustainable. Our team stays abreast of the latest trends and techniques in the industry, bringing innovative designs and solutions tailored to the unique landscape and architecture of each site.

At St. Charles Fence & Deck Company, we don't just build structures; we build relationships. Our approach is based on understanding your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that every project we undertake is a collaborative effort with our clients. We believe in open communication, transparency in our processes, and a commitment to excellence, which has made us a preferred choice for both residential and commercial clients.

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Our reputation in St. Charles and the surrounding communities is built on our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand that your trust in us is a privilege, and we strive to uphold that trust by delivering exceptional quality, reliability, and service in every project we undertake. Let us be your partner in enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces, making them more welcoming, secure, and enjoyable for years to come.

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Aluminum Fencing

aluminum fence contractor st charles mo

Aluminum fencing is a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties, known for its durability and elegant appearance. Unlike other materials, aluminum is resistant to corrosion and rust, making it an ideal option for areas with harsh weather conditions. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to install and maintain, yet it's strong enough to provide reliable security. One of the key advantages of aluminum fencing is its versatility in design; it can be crafted to mimic the look of traditional wrought iron or customized to fit modern aesthetic preferences. Aluminum fences require minimal upkeep, retaining their beauty and structural integrity with little more than occasional cleaning, which makes them a cost-effective and long-lasting fencing solution.

Cedar Decking

cedar decking installed st charles mo

Cedar decking is highly prized for its natural beauty and exceptional durability, making it a top choice for homeowners seeking a balance of aesthetics and longevity. The rich, warm tones of cedar wood add a rustic yet sophisticated charm to any outdoor space, enhancing the overall ambiance of the home. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestations, ensuring a long-lasting deck with minimal maintenance. Its ability to withstand the elements without warping or cracking makes it an ideal material for varying climates. Cedar's unique aromatic scent adds an extra layer of appeal, contributing to a pleasant outdoor experience.


Cedar Fencing

cedar privacy fence contractor st charles mo

Cedar fencing stands out for its distinctive natural beauty and robustness, offering an attractive and practical solution for homeowners and businesses alike. The warm, rich hues of cedar wood blend seamlessly with outdoor environments, creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing boundary. Cedar's natural oils make it highly resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage, ensuring a durable fence that withstands the test of time. This type of fencing not only provides privacy and security but also requires minimal maintenance, retaining its integrity and appearance with little effort. Cedar fencing can be easily stained or left natural, allowing for versatility in design to suit any architectural style or personal preference.

Chain Link Fencing

chain link fence contractor st charles mo

Chain link fencing is a versatile and cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial properties, offering durability and functionality. Its open weave design ensures visibility while still providing a secure boundary, making it a popular choice for schools, parks, and industrial areas. The galvanized steel used in chain link fences is resistant to weathering, rust, and corrosion, contributing to its longevity and low maintenance requirements. This type of fencing can be easily customized in terms of height and color, allowing it to fit a variety of needs and aesthetic preferences. Chain link fencing is relatively quick and straightforward to install, making it a practical option for those needing efficient yet reliable perimeter security.

Commercial Fencing

commercial fence company st charles mo

Commercial fencing is a critical component for businesses, offering enhanced security, privacy, and a professional appearance. Tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries, these fences can range from high-security steel options for industrial sites to elegant ornamental designs for office buildings. Durability is a key factor in commercial fencing, as it needs to withstand constant use and exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Many businesses opt for materials like steel, aluminum, or vinyl, which provide long-term resilience with minimal maintenance. Commercial fencing can be customized with features like automated gates and access controls, ensuring both functionality and convenience for employees and visitors.

Composite Decking

composite decking st charles missouri

Composite decking is a modern, innovative solution for outdoor spaces, blending durability with aesthetic appeal. Made from a mixture of wood fibers and recycled plastics, it offers the natural look of wood without the high maintenance. This material is resistant to fading, staining, and mold, making it a practical choice for areas exposed to weather and heavy foot traffic. Composite decking is also eco-friendly, as it utilizes recycled materials, reducing the need for new timber and contributing to environmental sustainability. Its versatility in color and texture options allows homeowners to tailor their outdoor spaces to match their personal style, making composite decking a popular choice for those seeking a balance of functionality and design.

Dog Run Fencing

dog run fence builder st charles mo

Dog run fencing is an essential feature for pet owners, designed to provide a safe and secure outdoor area for dogs to exercise and play. Constructed to withstand the energy and strength of dogs, these fences are typically made from durable materials like chain link or heavy-duty wire to prevent escape and ensure longevity. The height and scale of dog run fencing can be customized to accommodate dogs of all sizes, from small breeds to larger, more active ones. This type of fencing often includes features like gates for easy access and is designed to protect pets from outside threats while preventing them from wandering off. By offering a dedicated space for dogs, this fencing not only keeps pets safe but also gives owners peace of mind, knowing their furry friends can enjoy the outdoors in a secure environment.

Fence & Deck Repair

deck repair st charles mo

Fence and deck repair is a crucial service that ensures the longevity and safety of these outdoor structures. Over time, fences and decks can suffer from wear and tear due to weather exposure, usage, and natural aging, making regular maintenance and repair necessary. Professional repair services address common issues such as loose boards, rotting wood, rusted or broken metal parts, and stability problems, restoring the structural integrity and appearance of the fence or deck. Timely repairs not only extend the life of these outdoor features but also prevent minor damages from turning into costly replacements. Furthermore, expert repair work can rejuvenate the overall look of a property, enhancing its curb appeal and ensuring that fences and decks remain functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Gate Installation & Repair

fence repair st charles mo

Gate installation and repair are vital services for enhancing the functionality and security of a property. Installing a new gate can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal and value of a property, while also providing controlled access and added security. Whether it's a driveway gate, garden entry, or a commercial access point, professional installation ensures that the gate is properly aligned, secure, and operates smoothly. Repair services are crucial for addressing common issues like misalignment, wear and tear, rust, and malfunctioning opening mechanisms, ensuring the gate remains functional and safe. Regular maintenance and timely repairs of gates not only extend their lifespan but also ensure they continue to provide security and convenience for property owners.

Gazebos & Pergolas

pergola builders st charles mo

Gazebos and pergolas are elegant additions to any outdoor space, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. Gazebos, with their enclosed design, provide a sheltered, private area perfect for relaxation or entertainment, often becoming a charming focal point in gardens. Pergolas, on the other hand, with their open lattice roofs, offer a balance of shade and sunlight, ideal for outdoor dining areas or as a natural framework for climbing plants. Both structures can be customized in various styles and materials to complement the existing architecture and landscape of a property. Incorporating gazebos and pergolas not only enhances the usability of outdoor areas but also increases the overall value and appeal of the property.


Staining & Sealing

deck staining sealing st charles mo

Staining and sealing are critical processes for maintaining and protecting outdoor wooden structures like decks, fences, and gazebos. Staining adds not only aesthetic appeal, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood, but also provides an additional layer of protection against the elements. It helps in preserving the wood's color and preventing it from fading under the sun's harsh rays. Sealing, on the other hand, is essential for waterproofing the wood, protecting it from moisture which can lead to rot, mold, and mildew. Regular staining and sealing are key to extending the life and preserving the integrity of wood structures, ensuring they remain durable and visually appealing for years to come.

Steel Security Fencing

commercial fencing contractors st charles mo

Steel security fencing is an optimal choice for those prioritizing strength and durability in their perimeter defenses. Constructed from high-grade steel, these fences offer unparalleled protection against intrusion, making them ideal for commercial properties, industrial sites, and residential areas where security is a primary concern. The robust nature of steel fencing resists tampering and withstands harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-term reliability. Steel security fences can be customized in terms of height, design, and additional security features like barbed wire or anti-climb spikes, catering to specific security needs. Despite their practical purpose, these fences can be designed to be aesthetically pleasing, blending security with style to maintain the property's overall appearance.

Swimming Pool Fencing

swimming pool fencing st charles mo

Swimming pool fencing is an essential safety feature for any property with a pool, designed to prevent accidental drownings and unauthorized access. This type of fencing is typically required by law and must adhere to specific height and latch standards to ensure it effectively keeps children and pets away from the pool area when unsupervised. Made from materials like aluminum, vinyl, or tempered glass, swimming pool fences combine durability with clear visibility, allowing for an unobstructed view of the pool while maintaining a secure barrier. The design of these fences can be customized to complement the aesthetic of the pool and surrounding landscape, ensuring that safety does not come at the expense of beauty. Swimming pool fencing is an investment in peace of mind, providing a secure environment for families to enjoy their outdoor leisure time safely.

Vinyl Fencing

vinyl fence contractor st charles mo

Vinyl fencing is a popular choice for those seeking a low-maintenance yet stylish perimeter solution for their property. Made from durable PVC material, it resists weathering, fading, and decay, ensuring a long-lasting and fresh appearance without the need for frequent painting or staining. Vinyl fences are versatile in design, available in a range of colors and styles, from privacy panels to picket fences, allowing homeowners to match their fencing to their home's architectural style. Its smooth surface makes it safe for families and pets, without the risk of splinters or sharp edges commonly found in wooden fences. Vinyl fencing is an eco-friendly option, often made from recycled materials, and is completely recyclable, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Wrought Iron Fencing

wrought iron fence contractor st charles mo

Wrought iron fencing is renowned for its strength, elegance, and timeless appeal, making it a distinguished choice for both residential and commercial properties. Known for its durability and robust construction, wrought iron is ideal for those seeking a long-lasting fencing solution that offers both security and aesthetic appeal. The classic design of wrought iron fences can be tailored to fit a variety of architectural styles, from the ornate and traditional to the sleek and modern. Despite its strength, wrought iron allows for intricate designs and patterns, enabling property owners to add a touch of sophistication and custom artistry to their boundary fencing. Furthermore, while wrought iron does require some maintenance to prevent rust and ensure its longevity, it remains a favored option for its unmatched combination of beauty, durability, and security.

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Nestled along the Missouri River, St. Charles is a historic gem with landmarks like the Lewis & Clark Boat House, showcasing the city's pivotal role in American exploration. The First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site marks where state legislators met in the early 19th century. Its charming Main Street, lined with brick buildings and unique shops, is a living museum of American history, making St. Charles a must-visit for history buffs and travelers alike. Adding to St. Charles' array of landmarks, the city is home to the Saint Charles Historic District, which encapsulates the rich heritage and architectural beauty of the area. Another notable site is the Foundry Art Centre, blending cultural history with contemporary art. The Katy Trail, a scenic biking and walking path, offers picturesque views along the Missouri River, connecting residents and visitors with nature and the area's historical roots. These landmarks contribute to the unique character and appeal of St. Charles, making it a captivating destination.

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